Eat Write Travel Read

All the things I love to do: Eat well, Write my thoughts, Travel to new destinations, and Read amazing books.

My newly found obsession. Damn you Pictsweet. Why did you have to make your Edamame with Sea Salt so delicious?

Look how colorful they look in my yellow bowl!


I’m going to Nashville for the first time next weekend. I need advice on great restaurants and fun bars (particularly country bars) I could visit, also any antique or small local shops.


Is it wrong that it’s almost 3:00 in the afternoon and I haven’t left the bed yet because I’ve been reading all day? If it is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

Writer cliches

Does it bother anybody else that most writers or aspiring writers have a lot of cliches, for example, that writers like to write at coffee houses. That’s probably the one cliche that bothers me the most and I cringe every time I see somebody with an open laptop at a coffee house who looks highly annoyed at the people around them. Writing at a coffee house is self defeating with all the distractions around the writer, leave the laptop at home or do your writing in a library.

Other writer cliches that annoy me are they wear overly large sweaters and drink tea all the time.

Baseball playoffs, pbr, and nachos aren’t a bad way to start off an evening.

Baseball playoffs, pbr, and nachos aren’t a bad way to start off an evening.


I finally got an IPhone so I’ll be able to upload photos of awesome meals I make.

Looking out the window

The vertical cylinder tube bird feeder sways gently in the wind.
Two squirrels chase one another around the tree the feeder hangs from.
A brown bird flys by the feeder as its only a quarter full.
The leaves on the tree subtly start to change from green to yellow, orange, and red as autumn approaches.

Very excited

Who went to Barnes and noble and got the new issue of lucky peach? This guy.

life issues

I turned 30 two months ago. Some people may say being 30 is no different than being 29. Physically I feel the same, spiritually and emotionally there is a huge difference. I realize age is just a number, but the stigma of being 30 is weird. I think to myself just ten years ago I was twenty and in college earning my degree to be a journalist and ten years later I’m living six states away from where home is and doing the same job I always had my entire life, and no, I’m doing nothing that has anything remotely close to journalism. I wish I could go back in time and figure out where did I go wrong to not pursue my dream to being a writer. Despite being happily married to the love of my life I feel disconnected from what I think I was meant to do. I feel so out of touch with my degree I’m afraid to even look for a job at a newspaper as it has been several years since I wrote an article for my school paper. I’ve never been in a creative writing class nor do I think I have the balls to let any type of creative writing I would like to do. I guess the only truth I do know is that life is short and it isn’t guranteed, but right now, professionaly, I don’t feel successful at all and I feel as if something is missing from my life. It looks like I have some figuring out to do as I try to deal with this life problem.